Flights from Heathrow to Diyarbakir

Depart date : 01 Aug 2015 & Return date : 15 Aug 2015

Cheap flights London Heathrow airport to Diyarbakir airport - LHR to DIY

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Cheapest flight Heathrow to Diyarbakir via Istanbul

fr £259PP (Incl taxes)
Depart on
01 Aug 2015 (SAT)
Heathrow (LHR)
To :Diyarbakir (DIY)
Via :Istanbul
Economy Class
Return on
15 Aug 2015 (SAT)
Diyarbakir (DIY)
To :Heathrow (LHR)
Via :Istanbul
Turkish Airlines flights Heathrow to Diyarbakir

How many flights route Heathrow to Diyarbakir?

Here are all those 1 Different routes which are on the way to Diyarbakir from Heathrow, and the routes are Istanbul & few of them are flying directly to Diyarbakir without any stop.